Cape Romain Charter School

There is movement to start a new Charter School with an Environmental Education theme.  It is a parent driven, public charter school that is being proposed to serve McClellanville, Awendaw and the surrounding area.  The School’s mission statement:

“To teach a diverse population of children in McClellanville, Awendaw, and the surrounding areas in a safe and supportive learning environment in which families and students are encouraged to be actively involved in the educational process, foster individual growth, and promote respect for self, others, and the natural environment in which they live.”

There have been two preliminary informational meetings which has generated a significant amount of interest.  Currently there are just under 100 students that have already signed up.   There will be volunteers manning booths at the Seewee Outpost, Bulls Bay Supply, McClellanville Dollar General and other locations in the near future to help get the word out.

clemsonlogo2Also, there is exciting news that has just announced. Clemson University wishes to partner with us to help develop and implement our environmental curriculum. This is just the first of many partnerships that  will be possible because of the unique location between the Francis Marion National Forest and the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge.

If you are interested in helping with the formation of the school or have children that you feel would benefit from a new school in the McClellanville and Awendaw area, please visit the Contact page and fill out the questionnaire.

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