Charles Town: The Novel

William P Baldwin has released his new novel, Charles Town. It takes place in 1751 in Charleston, SC and follows takes on an alternate spin on Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Kidnapped. It follows the story of Stevenson’s character David Balfour and plays it out with a twist. In Baldwin’s story, the ship Balfour was traveling on […]

Biyak Boats


A new water craft is about to make a splash and its home is in McClellanville. The Biyak is a new type of kayak that utilizes two pontoons that can be adjusted to maximize stability for stand up fishing or sailing or speed for cruising. The molds have been completed and production […]

Photos From Around McClellanville

I’ve been playing with the Instagram app lately. The filters that they have available make for some interesting effects to the photos with bluer skies and darker clouds. Here are some I took on recent boat trips around McClellanville and Cape Romain:


Little Free Library

After moving boxes of books around the attic, I thought there had to be a way to share books after we have read them instead of storing them. I found a site about Little Free Library’s on line and we decided that is what downtown McClellanville needed. After looking at some sample plans, and digging […]

Engineered Septic Design Services

Septic System Alternatives

There are generally three types of septic systems that are issued by SCDHEC. In addition, systems can be designed by a licensed engineer where SCDHEC standard systems will not work. The three types of systems that SCDHEC issues are:

Conventional– Tank with a drain field […]