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Last Light over Carolina

McClellanville has been featured in several movies over the years, Paradise, hurricane scenes in Forrest Gump and the latest The New Daughter to be released Fall of ’10.  McClellanville has also been the inspiration in television and books including the 1993 novel The Hard to Catch Mercy by William Baldwin.  Now for the first time McClellanville is named as the setting of a new novel.n300418

New York Times Best Selling Author Mary Alice Monroe has released a new novel Last Light over Carolina. The novel takes place in McClellanville, SC and follows a commercial fisherman and his family as they face financial hardships and struggle in an industry that faces continued obstacles.  The story centers on the relationship of the captain and his wife an the strain of his work on their marriage.  The story has been well reviewed and is currently 32 on the New York Times best sellers list.

For the story to work Ms. Monroe paints the town in a time of financial hardship where business are all closing and work is hard to come by.  While McClellanville, like the rest of t5a9e0e07-4ef2-4ba4-8703-e75701269606he county is going through a tough economic time including challenges in the shrimping industry, the town is very much alive.  I don’t think it was an attempt to paint McClellanville negatively, only as I said before, it is just part of the story.

The book is a good read, especially for those that are familiar with life in the commercial fishing industry.  I recommend giving it a try.

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